InGen’s vision is to provide superiority and reliable services to the people of Bangladesh for stabling the country’s Power condition undertaking commercial and organizational reforms leading to the creation of a private company. InGen always tries to stay in the top position in competing with other companies in power sector.

• To deliver quality products at reasonable and affordable prices with professional service excellence.

• To provide specialized skilled services in Operation and Maintenance with outstanding performance in Supply and Distribution for promoting competition among various power sector entities.

• To follow international standard and adopt modern technology and practices in power related activities.

• To ensure improved and satisfactory services to the consumers.

• To develop new mindset for all of its employees congruent with the corporate culture.

• To reach self sufficiency by increasing of its income and reduction of expenditure.

Recognizing the fundamental need for effective systems integration is what distinguishes the companies of InGen. Our dream is to empower companies and individuals to access personalized solutions, products and services when, where and how they may choose. We integrate all elements of a system – new and existing – into a single solution that addresses strategic growth, outstanding service, and community involvement. Accordingly our products and services are meant to create value of unity in relations to our business partners, shareholders as well as to our employees and society in general.

We are building on our fundamental strengths in marketing and innovation, driving increased efficiency and effectiveness in interactions with our system and generating new energy through core brands that focus on quality and wellness.


To be the most admired company delivering sustainable value by:

  • Relentlessly pursuing opportunities, capitalizing on synergies in the solar energy value chain and expanding our presence in related businesses of interest.
  • Striving to continuously improve the processes & quality and focusing to provide cost effective solar energy solution.
  • Creating a culture of empowerment and high performance.


InGen is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions. Our values are the core of our business reputation and are essential for our continued success.  We foster an environment to nurture these values in every facet of our organization:

  • Committed and trustworthy
  • Competitiveness and agility
  • Sound business practices
  • World class operations & services – anywhere, anytime…… with cost and quality
  • Dignity and self-respect for all its stakeholders
  • Passion for excellence
  • Responsible to society
  • Equal opportunity employer of choice

InGen’s Technology

InGen offers its customers a vast range of technologies to choose from. As a result of its partnership with different renowned company like IDCOL, NAPS, Premier, Everexceed, Morning Star etc and reach in the Bangladesh PV market, InGen is able to offer crystalline silicon based (mono & Poly) modules. All the modules offered by InGen have been thoroughly tested upon IDCOL’s approval and are offered only when they pass all the quality tests. Through the vast pool of product offerings, InGen can cater to the needs of any business. InGen can offer modules for grid connected, off grid back-up systems, standalone system, grid tied systems, including BIPV solutions.

InGen continuously aims to provide its customers with the most efficient systems and its partnerships at various levels of the supply chain, gives it the opportunity to offer the best in class systems. InGen along with its partner constantly working to bring economical Photovoltaic (PV) systems without compromising the quality of these systems. Our engineers and project managers will help to deliver the best technology available for the application in question.

Our Expertise

InGen introduces solar energy as a most feasible alternative. We aim to endow it more proficiently & in an organized way. InGen provides Solar System Integration Support with professional project management, from proposal to “turnkey” project in Bangladesh. This means: the customer shall receive all-round support from us for Solar Power generation. Experienced technicians plan the Solar Power system together with the Customer and create clear plans for module relays. Moreover, the customers receive extensive advice on the different components such as mounting systems, inverters and cabling up to the completion certificate for electricity providers. By combining innovative ideas with the most advanced technologies we at InGen aim to provide with turnkey solutions for a much brighter future as Solar power. All this and more, backed by our highly experienced staff, superior technologies and deep insight of the Bangladesh energy scenario enables us to bring you international expertise presented in a package suited to our conditions.

InGen efficiently brings light into people’s life by harnessing solar energy to provide electricity. InGen offers cost-effective solar power solution to make it affordable and available to every household.

We have a highly energized and empowered team of professionals. The team of experienced & well trained professionals facilitates the processes at InGen. Due to team’s technical expertise, managerial capabilities & administrative abilities, InGen ensures quality of services & varied range of satisfactory solutions.

InGen- A reliable resource for Customer, as

  • InGen provides Cost effective quality systems, which maximize returns
  • InGen has global technology with Bangladesh touch.
  • InGen Offers a vast pool of products to choose from, a product for you
  • InGen vast and diversified network of engineers and maintenance teams. You will find us wherever you need us.
  • InGen guarantees an ideal system design and with it a maximum on performance

InGen assures that the cream of the solar integration will provide the prime solution for countries requirements.